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North Lanarkshire’s Working Employability Service exceeds its targets.
Hanlon Client supports North Lanarkshire’s Working Employability Service to help those furthest from the labour market.

North Lanarkshire use Hanlon Client to track the progress of over 7,000 residents across 62 projects into employment and training.  North Lanarkshire Working has recently made BBC national news due to the project’s success and it exceeding its targets by getting 2,200 people back into work.

Hanlon Client has supported this project by allowing multiple agencies, from local authorities to colleges, job brokerage organisations, voluntary sector and social enterprises to co-ordinate their efforts to focus support to clients where it is needed. The continuous expansion of Hanlon Client across North Lanarkshire has meant that they are able to extract intelligence, analysis and a level of information that just wasn’t possible for them before. Hanlon Clients flexibility has enabled North Lanarkshire to meet various reporting requirements including European funding and produce exemplar management of information.
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