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Client tracking and outcome monitoring

We can provide you with a core client tracking and monitoring tool which allows you to focus all activities to the benefit of the client and co-ordinate agency support. All client records are unique and protocols are put in place for data sharing. You will be able to monitor a client’s development and progression (milestones) and other relevant attributes such as self-esteem and confidence.

How we can provide you with ways to monitor clients more effectively?

  • Track a clients progress during their journey towards the labour market
  • Measure where a client is at a particular moment in time
  • Have the ability to refer clients from one service provider to another
  • Have a holistic view of all client details
  • Measure where a client has travelled to and from – distance travelled
  • Record a clients soft outcomes
  • Manage activities and outcomes and analyse interventions with a client
  • Identify barriers that a client has
  • Record aspirations and create action plans to meet the needs of the plan
  • Monitor childcare payments
  • Provide questionnaires to get feedback on delivery of services

Multi Agency and service provision

Any number of agencies can have the ability to access client details from any number of locations including tracking through multi agency referrals. Clients can now be tracked as they move between different service providers.

One centralised client record will be able to exist for each client eliminating duplicate client records. Multi agencies can build up a complete picture of the client and all interactions that have occurred with the client.

Agencies will also be able to monitor the effectiveness of different service providers allowing you to see the impact these providers will have on a client or group of clients.

Programme Management

You can now also have a programme management facility which monitors major public programmes such as ESF and Neighbourhood Renewal. It allows you to be able to track funding and outputs against a certain programme and compare your actual spend with your forecasted spend. It will provide comprehensive information for all funding agencies monitoring requirements.

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