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Flexible reporting

The beauty of the sophisticated reporting module is the ability for managers to be able to view aggregated data from all the multi agencies feeding into one centralised database. You can now analyse and evidence various client interactions and money and time spent with a client. There are various report views available showing lists, breakdowns and detailed analysis of information entered.

Reporting is flexible enough to allow you to run reports and filter out all or any information that has been filtered. Referral reports, caseload reports and activity reports, as examples can all be analysed to drill down to figures for target groups, age ranges, referrals, registration period ethnicities and more. You can also produce individual client summaries along with lists of all progression steps performed within a certain date range.

The five benefits of flexible reporting

  • Allow you to report on clients, vacancies, employers and programmes
  • Produce a graphical representation of client progression
  • Analyse the local labour market and make comparisons to clients skills
  • Analyse variances o funding, outputs, outcomes and milestones
  • Analyse client activities and effectiveness of intervention programmes
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